A new groyne

Erosion had been a problem at Cottesloe Beach since the 1910s.

By the 1950s the rocky beach exposed by winter storms and nor-westerly winds, was contributing to the fall in popularity of the beach. Recognising it did not have the money or expertise to solve the problem, the council called on the State Government to help.

After detailed study by Dr Richard Sylvester of the University of Western Australia, a design for a groyne at Mudurup Rocks was completed and building began in 1960.

1960 Aerial view of Cottesloe beach

With the return of the sand the council undertook further improvements to attract tourists to the beach, again with State Government support. In 1963 work began on a boardwalk linking the Pavilion with the groyne and a children’s swimming pool at the entrance to the groyne.

1965 The completed boardwalk running between the groyne and the Pavilion

1986 The children’s pool at the end of the groyne

Crowds returned and events such as the Miss West Coast competition ensured the popularity of the beach.

1968 Garry Meadows comperes a heat of Miss West Coast