Demolition of the Pavilion

By the late 1970s the 50-year-old Centenary Bathing Pavilion was deteriorating and considered structurally unsound.

A pounding by Cyclone Alby in 1978 also led to safety concerns about the concrete boardwalk leading to the groyne.

In 1979 the Council began demolition of the boardwalk and commissioned a report on the best options for the Pavilion. The report recommended demolition as it was not considered economically viable to restore the Pavilion. In June 1982 demolition began.

A new plan for the site by Brand, Deykin & Hay was proposed. The two-storey building included a boatshed and changerooms at the beach level and café/restaurant area on the second level, preserving the open view out to sea.

1981 Beach bathing pavilion for Town of  Cottesloe. Brand, Deykin and Hay

After much discussion and public consultation a simpler building with a domed roof opened in 1983 and included a kiosk and change rooms with a boatshed underneath for the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. It was over the top of this building that the current Indiana was built and the brickwork is still visible.

1982 Demolition of the Centenary Bathing Pavilion

1983 The newly completed Cottesloe Beach Pavilion which replaced the Centenary Bathing Pavilion